In this role you will support the manager of the base location and they will delegate the duties as they see appropriate. You will be the face of the establishment and your department's customer service. You will lead by example and train others to give the best customer service experience of all time. You will be in charge of managing your team. As their first point of leadership, you are expected to resolve any issue and provide any needed support. You will complete standard checks Pre/During/Post shift so the venue is set for full service at all times. You will ensure Health & Safety protocols are being adhered to and action any issues if should any arise. You’ll set the venues atmosphere through lighting, music & television agreed plans. You will be responsible for your departments checklists & side work needs. You will conduct the training of new employees & give feedback to current staff. You will provide feedback to other department managers regarding service needs & guest experience.

Alternatively if you have questions you can call us at 7703374026